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Reference standards for single sided circuit boards.Flex Pcb Rigid Printed Circuit Board

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  (1) Toshiba TDS-23-58-1 Single sided Printed Circuit Board Inspection Specification

  (2) JIS-C-6481 Test Method for Copper Clad Laminates for Printed Circuit Boards

  (3) JIS-C-1052 Test Method for Printed Circuit Boards

  (4) GB10244-88 Specification for Printed Boards for Broadcasting Receivers

  (5) Acer Computer IQC PCB Inspection Specification 96-8-12

  (6) Showa Electric Wire and Electronics Co., Ltd. Paper based PCB Inspection Specification 96-7-2Solar Energy System

  (7) Inspection Specification for 96-5-6 Single sided Printed Circuit Board of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd

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